Awesome Harvest

7th October 2016

Three of our four classes celebrated Harvest festival with parents at the Methodist Church in the village. It gives us great pleasure each year to go out into our community and share this celebration. It was a real joy to see the church so full of parents and relatives.

We were delighted to welcome two colleagues from St Petroc’s Society who came and enjoyed the children performing and talked about how our support  inspires them. Many thanks to Frank and Andy.

We would also like to say thank you to all those who donated produce to be used by St Petroc’s.

What a great series of outstanding performances we enjoyed! It was a lovely uplifting way to spend the morning, the children spoke and sang beautifully and were a real credit to staff and parents. Best of all they did it with a smile.

The Methodist Church was packed


Elm Tree sang well and recited a lovely poem about autumn.

Willow Tree sang very tunefully and entertained us with a lovely recipe for apple crumble-which they had used earlier in the week to make their own crumbles!

Oak Tree performed a lovely version of Ted Hughes’ ‘Harvest moon’ and rapped about the phases of the moon. They looked particularly cool in their shades.