15th October 2016

On Saturday 15th  October Oak Tree Class took part in the Bikelights Parade.

 Along with 6 other local primary schools we were part of the project bike project.  & local primary schools all designed and created a bike with the support of local artist Reg Payne and Animator Tom Jolt.  The theme for the year being Marvellous Machines.  We made a super rocket!

 Over the course of three days all children in the class played an important role in building the bike – from drawing the design, creating the animation which was projected from the bike during the parade, building the structure using willow, adding glue and tissue paper, painting the rocket and finally adding the lights!

Making the animation and preparing the bike was great fun!

These animations were projected from the bikes during the parade.
On Saturday we took our bike into Wadebridge and got ready for the big parade. We had a great time:

Daisy M said “It was really good, the special bikes looked amazing.  It was exciting to be in the parade”

George said “I really enjoyed going and experiencing being in the parade and watching all the other bikes!”


Hannah C said “it was so colourful!” 


Lily said “I love riding my bike and my favourite part was riding whilst watching all the great coloured bikes!”