What we teach

Maths and English

We teach Maths and English as separate subjects and spend time in each subject working on themes.

In Maths that means a clear emphasis on understanding number, which is developed over the Autumn and Spring terms in relatively long units of work. This is allied to daily work around learning key number facts, which helps develop fluency; and regular focusses on problem solving and reasoning which help develop depth of learning and a real understanding.

Teachers use a whole mass of different resources to help pupils; we do not follow a single off the peg scheme. In the resources section you can see a document detailing how the teaching of calculations progresses through the school. This policy was agreed in Autumn 2017 .

In English we chunk teaching in the same way, reading and writing are explored through mini topics on different genres such as storytelling or report writing… But the teaching of phonics , of spelling, handwriting and of grammar and punctuation is planned separately and progressively. We use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as the basis for our phonics teaching and augment that with ‘Jolly Phonics’. In the resources section there is a document detailing how the learning of phonics progresses. As with English we do not use a single published scheme but use a whole variety of resources to help pupils learn.

Religious Education

We teach RE through Cornwall’s Agreed syllabus. This was last updated in 2014. It ensures a coherent and progressive approach to the teaching of RE across the school from Year R to Year 6. Children will learn to reflect on and discuss challenging questions about life and meaning though the study of Christianity and of the other principal religions present in our country and in our county. This forms a key part in helping children to understand their own heritage and modern Britain.  In the resources section there is an outline of the themes and religions covered in the agreed syllabus.

Religious education  is statutory for all pupils registered on the school roll. However parents/guardians  have the right to withdraw their children from Religious education. Any parents or guardians considering this should discuss it with the Headteacher.

What we teach

Other subjects in The National Curriculum

We teach our children  the National Curriculum through a curriculum designed by Cornwall Learning called ‘The Inspire Curriculum’. We  chose the inspire curriculum for a number of different reasons:


  • It gets children to be questioning active learners
  • It brings together different subjects into integrated topics and shows how different subjects relate to each other
  • It gives great ideas for using and applying key skills that have been taught in English, maths and ICT
  • It gives breadth and balance to our curriculum
  • It suggests lots of interesting  activities and resources that engage and stimulate children.
  • We never spend too long on any one topic so there’s variety and that ensures that no one gets turned off from learning because they’re bored!
  • It suggests lots of ways that we can link topics to the real world.
  • It has strong Cornish elements which means that we get to learn about where we live.


Originally the Inspire Cuirriculum covered 3 topics each term. Although this guaranteed pace in our learning we felt that pupils were not sending suffcient time on each topic to allow them to cover a subject in any depth. Consequently from Autumn 2017 we will cover two topics each term as outlined below.

Each We have a rolling program of topics over two years and this ensures that each child only meets each topic once.  In the resources section there is a document which gives an outline of each topic year by year. Teachers always keep parents informed about what they are teaching each half term and this may vary from the objectives and activities identified in the examples.