Dyslexia at Nanstallon


We are delighted that we are a Dyslexia Friendly School.  In 2012 we achieved Dyslexia Friendly Status and it was re-accredited in June 2018.  Every year we have ensured this important aspect of our provision is continued by being part of our school improvement plan.  We are continually striving to update our practice and knowledge to provide the best opportunities we can to help the children with dyslexic difficulties in our school.  If you would like any further information then please talk to Mrs Pipe.


As it states in the Dyslexia Friendly Schools, Good Practice Guide “Best practice is to teach all students as if they are dyslexic.”  (Dyslexia Friendly Schools, Good Practice Guide Edited by Katrina Cochrane, Joanne Gregory and Dr Kate Saunders, page 27)


This includes strategies as follows:


  • multi-sensory teaching
  • pastel coloured backgrounds
  • use of ICT
  • giving children choice in the recording of their work
  • keywords and toolkits in all classrooms to support independent writing
  • ensuring children know what is expected of them
  • ensuring tasks are clearly explained and manageable
  • individual, paired and group work
  • a positive classroom ethos    
  • and more!


We screen children for dyslexia difficulties in school from the end of Year Two and upwards.  Sometimes signs are not evident until KS2, where as some children it is more noticeable from Year One.  Any parents with concerns please do not hesitate to discuss with your class teacher or Mrs Pipe.  We liaise with advisers in Cornwall from the Cognition and Learning Service regularly to keep us up to date with best practice. 


See below for website links for further information about dyslexia…


Dyslexia Cornwall  www.dyslexiacornwall.org.uk

British Dyslexia Association www.bdadyslexia.org.uk

SENDIASS www.cornwallsendiass.org.uk