E Safety

At Nanstallon School we are committed to introducing your child to modern technologies. We use computers and tablets in every class to support children's learning and to help them communicate . We believe that in this technological age we have a responsibility to keep children not only up to date with technologies but to teach them how to use these resources safely.

Through our membership of the ‘South West Grid for Learning’, we have a robust filtering system and an e-safety log to record any e-safety incidents in school. We also ensure that we educate children  about cyber-bullying, how to protect themselves from bullying and how to make sure that they show respect for others.

As part of this e-education we have a commitment to keeping your children safe ‘on-line’. All children and parents have signed an e-safety agreement and we have introduced progressive e-safety training for all the children across the school. In the Autumn term, Elm, Willow and Oak class work through a series of 5 lessons which are endorsed by SWGFL and Common Sense Media.  Cherry Tree Class, our reception class, are introduced to e-safety through the story of Smartie the Penguin. 

As a whole school, we enjoy celebrating Safer Internet day every February and use this as an opportunity to refresh our knowledge, share information with the wider community and keep up to date with new practices. 

In the Summer term, through our class assemblies, we further consolidate our knowledge.  Cherry Tree Class focus on the book ‘Digi Duck’, Elm Tree learn about e-safety through ‘Hector’s World’, Willow Tree uses ‘The Smart Crew’ and Oak Class embed their learning through on-line resources such as the CBBC website.

There are many websites for parents that have a wealth of up to date information and will be able to answer many of your questions. Of course, if you would like to speak to a human being about any e-safety concerns then do come in and ask us.  Mr Dingle, Mrs Lawrey and Mrs Teague are members of the e-safety committee and can help to deal with any queries. 

Further down the page we have added the CEOP report button which can be used to report any serious concerns about safety. You can also click this link.

Below are our Acceptable Use Policies for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Information for Parents
Many of the gadgets that our children have - smart phones, games consoles, tablets etc are  in effect mini computers with internet access. We want to help parents ensure that they are can manage children's access and make their use of these gadgets positive.
It is also crucial that parents think hard about the games and other resources that they let children use. The use of often violent games by  boys and young men in particular has been linked to cases of extreemism in the UK.  All games have age related ratings and there are websites such as common sense media listed below which give clear guidelines on how appropriate different games etc are for children.
Listed on the right are some of the sites that support parents through the minefield of parenting children in the digital age. In addition, the government have recently produced a useful leaflet on cyberbullying that can be downloaded by clicking the link in the resources section.
Another helpful site is The Cornwall Family Information Service directory cornwall.childrensservicedirectory.org.uk  Which provides a wealth of information on children's services, support, activities, what's on and where to go. They can also be contacted on 0800 5878191.
Resources for Parents and Carers
Parentinfo has lots of useful information and guidance for parents around keeping children and their gadgets safe.
Common Sense media has sensible guidance about games, videos and DVDs. If you are not sure what to buy for your children you can check most commonly available titles here.
Net Aware is run by the NSPCC and O2. It has excellent information about different social media and how young people use tech.
Childline has excellent advice about e-safety and has a 24 hour helpline for anyone to use if they are worried about anything to do with the internet or child protection.