Junior Life Skills

19th October 2017


Life skills event October 2017


On Thursday 19th October, Oak Tree Class visited Bodmin Fire Station to take part in the Life Skills Event.  The children were split into three groups and all rotated around six stands to learn and be reminded about important life skills.  The stands included representatives from: Great Western Railway, Trading Standards, RNLI, Western Power, Fire Safety and Road Safety. A really useful afternoon and much was learnt by all with a lot of thought provoking questions. 


Great Western Railway 

Reminders to stand behind the yellow line, don't play on the tracks, don't play games. Listen to the conductors and follow safety instructions carefully.

No trespassing allowed, fine of £1000. 


Trading Standards

Thought about age restrictions e.g smoking, computer games, alcohol, buys lottery ticket and more. We looked at tar to see the real effect it has on our bodies. We wore "beer goggles" to see how it feels. 


RNLI- We listened to reminders of beach safety- how to keep ourselves safe, calling for help from lifeguards, how to recognise a lifeguard, importance of sun cream, hats and more. We also reminded ourselves of the different coloured flags - don't forget always swim between the red and yellow flags. 


Western Power

We discussed how to keep safe around electricity and how to avoid the risks. Did you know we are made up of 80% of water! We learnt how much electricity is travelling through the wires and the effect of electricity getting in contact with water. 


Road Safety

We were reminded about the importance of seat belts. Did you know...if a tissue box is on a parcel shelf in a car and the car crashes whilst driving at 30 mph the box has the equivalent of a weight of a brick. An average sized person is the weight of a charging rhino! We must wear our seat belts. 


Fire Safety 

We explored photos and discussed hazards found in the home e.g. Loose wires, shoes in the stairs, leaving plugs on. We thought about the different risks in the home in various rooms and how we can minimise the risks. We also talked about the positioning of fire alarms.