Fiver Challenge

6th July 2018

For four weeks in June, Oak Class took part in the National Fiver Challenge.  Each group were given £5 to set up their own business. Each week there was a different focus for the business – logo design, business planning, advertising, creating adverts, creating the product which concluded with designing and setting up their pop shops and selling!  There was a super buzz during the selling with everyone involved!


The Tootie-Fruitys’ – made bracelets

The Rockstars – made squishies

Raiders – baked flapjacks

Refreshers – baked cookies

The Tropicals – made bookmarks

JILB – wooden coasters


There were six businesses and we are delighted that all six businesses made a profit. The most successful business were The Rockstars making £30.50!


Well done everyone!  Much has been learnt by one and all!