Oak Meet the Mummy!

12th January 2018

On Friday 12th January as part of their topic on Ancient Egypt, Oak Class visited The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro. 


They explored the Ancient Egyptian gallery and learned about food, trade, home furnishings, clothing. We learnt about the mummification process, even able too see a mummy, a coffin and canonic jars. 


Archaeologists- they handled Ancient Egyptian artefacts, many of which were found in tombs. They used white gloves and were extremely careful! The white gloves prevented any oils from hands transferring to the artefacts. They looked for clues into how the Egyptians used to live. They handled ancient statues, a lock and key, storage pots, perfume pots, amulet lucky charms,  ancient masks and more. They matched up the ancient artefacts to the labels. 


Finally, they re-enacted the Ceremony of the Dead for Iset-tayef-nahkt (a priest, a carpenter and a family man). All children had an important role. What a fascinating and educating trip was had! A lot of hands on learning.