About Us

At Nanstallon School we:
  • Aspire to excellence in everything that we do.
  • Have a curriculum which encompasses our local culture and the wider world.
  • Have a curriculum that equips children with basic skills whilst developing creativity and curiosity.
  • Embrace all opportunities to explore new ideas and avenues of learning.
  • Provide an environment where children feel confident and have high self-esteem.
  • Maintain systems to ensure that children feel safe and secure.
  • Foster an inclusive environment which encourages everyone to value each other’s uniqueness and individuality
  • Recognise and celebrate successes and achievements.
  • Value both cooperation and competition.
  • Maintain a clear system of rules and strategies that are consistent throughout the school.
  • Promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Work in an atmosphere of mutual respect for all.
  • Care for our environment.
  • Promote and maintain good working partnerships in school, with parents, with other professionals and the wider community.
  • Make learning fun.
What we do

We celebrate successes in every lesson, at break times and at lunchtimes, we do it publicly and repeatedly. Each class has its own reward system and this builds through the school. This year our Year 6 children will have the opportunity to earn special status through displaying leadership to the rest of the pupils. Every week we hold celebration assemblies during which we issue special certificates to children who have done particularly well.

We have just six school rules and we explain carefully to our children what these mean in practice. They are all written positively; they say DO. Our children behave very well, our last Ofsted report commended their behaviour; this doesn't happen by accident! We remind ourselves and the children of what they mean and why they are important all the time.
We encourage children to work together but we recognise that they also need to compete, both as individuals and teams. Learning to compete, to win with grace, and, to lose knowing that you have tried your best is important. Our school sports day is competitive and is one of the highlights of our year. Our School Choir, Nativity and Junior Play rely on cooperation and teamwork.

Learning is not something that we do to children and it is not something that we alone can do. Children in our school are active learners they know what they have to do to be successful and they know what they have to do to improve their work. Their partnership with us is crucial. As is the partnership which we enjoy with parents; we rely on parents taking an active interest in what their children do at school, helping them read, helping them to learn spellings, etc. But it is more simple than that, we rely on parents making sure our children get to bed on time, making sure children have a proper breakfast, making school important, etc.
‘Our children are successful learners and achieve well. On average they enter school below national expectations but leave at or above. The DfE website publishes our performance data annually here. Please bear in mind that with very small cohorts that each child is a significant percentage of the total and consequently our results do tend to vary from year to year.’
In  November/December 2017 we had our most recent OFSTED inspection and were judged to 'require improvement' This refelcted a significant dip in attainment that occured in 2015/16. Although we improved results significantly last year we recognise that there is more for us to do, and we are confident that this summer pupils in Year 6 will leave us having achieved well. That report can be viewed here. We will keep everyone updated about progressing back to good in our newsletters.

Being successful means going beyond working successfully with individual parents and children. It means listening to what children and parents have to say about the school as a whole. We welcome constructive criticism and we welcome the views of all our partners in helping us to make our school the best place it can be. The children have a voice through our School Council which has achieved the Gold Standard mark from the local authority. We send out a questionnaire annually to parents and we act on what they say. Three of our governors are parent governors. Our PTA is more than just a fund raising body, it helps us develop the school.

We have as our first priority the safety and welfare of our children. No-one works at the school without demonstrating they are safe to work with children; all staff have child protection training, all staff have first aid training. We have filtered internet access, we carry out termly reviews of the safety of our site, our equipment is checked annually and no trips or activities take place without risk assessments being completed. All this amounts to a mound of paperwork, but it is worth it if it means our children are safe.

For more information read our prospectus below.