Race for the Line

23rd March 2017

Race for the Line
Thousands of children all across the UK have designed their own 'rocket cars' to celebrate the Bloodhound Team's challenge for the land speed record.Today members of Oak class travelled to Callington Community College to time trial their cars.
It was cold and a bit windy but all of our cars performed well.
A big thank you to Callington for hosting us and to the soldiers who ran the trials.

First to go was Zentorno which reached a speed of 15.4 mph

Next was RMR Skullcrusher which reached 21.6 mph

The Highly Energetic Bullet reached 21.57 mph

Fire was next up and reached 20.34 mph

 The Paintballer was so quick we almost missed it; it reached 23.87 mph

EAA Bullet Car sped to the line in 21.8 mph
Thunder Hound (sorry team- no video) reached 22.08 mph

Fastest of all with a top speed of 24.39mph was The Beany Mobile. Well done!